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Orange County Data Centers

Data CenterWe get asked this question a lot: “Where can I co-locate my servers.” and “Which data centers do you recommend?”.

Below I have listed the data centers and co-location companies that we have worked with and/or are aware of. Please keep in mind that this is not an endorsement of any of these establishments – just a quick reference list if you are looking for a high-availability site to house your server(s). Some of these firms offer a full range of services including managed servers, VPS (virtual private server), as well as full rack, half-rack and no-rack solutions. Most will ask for annual contracts, but some offer pay-as-you-go service as well:

ATT – ATT’s data center (IDC) is in Irvine (near Jamboree and Kelvin). They have probably the most advanced data center in OC. This center has two giant diesel backup generators and state-of-the-art facilities including redundant OC3 backbone, fire control and security system. We have had clients in this facility and are pretty satisfied with their service. Their rates are higher than most ($2,000+ for a full rack). Before AT&T took over from PacBell a couple of years ago, this center used to have a user-accessible and user-friendly NOC (network operations center), so if you wanted someone to reboot your server remotely, they would do it for you, but now they really don’t have engineers on-site that you can call on. Their support center is somewhere in Texas, so when you call support you are not talking to someone on site. We have had spotty experience with their support level. Security is very good. Access is available 24×7 by pre-approved security badges only. Their building is earthquake rated to 8.5 and I think they have enough fuel to power the facility up to two weeks in the event of a power outage.

Overall, we think this is a very good facility.  Phone:  n/a (email only via their website)

Latisys (formerly Intelenet) – This facility is on Von Karman near Alton in Irvine, and we have a couple of clients co-locating their servers here. They occupy the left half of the structure (the right half is owned by an adult sites company). Their facilities are fairly modern. Again, you need security badges for access and you can get in 24×7. The racks and cages are not as modern as ATT’s. For example instead of a swiping you badge to access your rack, the racks have gym locker style locks. Their prices are considerable cheaper than ATT’s. A full rack costs $1,000/mo. or thereabout, plus $50/MB., however they also have bandwidth usage charge that can add up very quickly. As far as I know they have only one diesel backup generator.

They do have an on-site NOC, very good service and support engineers and they will help you with anything from setting up your firewall to rebooting servers at no extra charge.

Overall a very good facility.  Phone:  866-956-9594

Millennium – This facility is also in Irvine (Irvine Center Drive and Scientific). They are a local company and offer very good service. Prices are very reasonable as well. Their 1/2 cabinet storage for about $500/mo. gives you 100MB of bandwidth and 100GB of bandwidth usage cap per month, which is a pretty good deal. They are only open 6AM to 6PM, so if you need to get to your server after hours or on a weekend, you need to call them for someone to meet you there and let you in.  Phone:  (949) 252-8772 – This is a frugal facility near Barranca and Culver in Irvine. A 1/2 rack costs $400/mo., plus $70/MB with no usage cap.  Phone  888-894-4678

Dynamic data center – This place is in Aliso Viejo. We don’t have direct experience working with them.  Phones:  949-215-1200, 800-822-2742

Castle Access – This place is in San Diego, but I thought I mention it for folks in South Orange County.  Phone:  858-836-0200

NDC Host – This company is in San Clemente.  They offer generic hosting, VPS, application hosting, and co-location.  Phones:  888-294-8649, 949-388-8169

Simra Hosting – This is a smaller facility in Fullerton, CA, and their prices are very reasonable.  Phone:  (714)660-6050

OCO (Orange County Online) – This place is in Newport Beach and they offer colo services, hosting and web and graphics design (humm….OK, multi-tasking, I guess).  Phone/Fax: (888) 626-6546

MegaPath – We’ve been told this place on Alton in Costa Mesa apparently offers hosting and co-location, however we could not find any reference to those services on their website.  You might want to call and check. Phone: 877-634-2728

Telekenex – We have very little info on this facility.  Apparently located on Dyer Rd in Santa Ana.  Phone:  714-450-7114

[update 2009-11-24] I was given a tour of Telekenex / OCiX (Orange County Internet Exchange) last week and now have a much better understanding of their facility.  They have a 300,000+ s.f. state-of-the-art facility located on Dyer Rd. in Santa Ana.  This is the same building that used to house the GT Bicycles manufacturing up until a few years ago.  They have a manned NOC, conference room (which is also used by Dell or give regular presentations on their server technologies), plenty of parking and 24×7 access via security badges.  The facilities and the equipment I saw all seemed practically brand new, so that was a good sign.  Besides a well designed power distribution system within the building, they have dual power trucks coming from Irvine and Tustin, UPS system and diesel generator which I was told can run at full load for 6 days without refueling.  Data trunks come from Downtown LA and San Diego and they have a redundant out-of-state NOC.  The facility is very easy to access, just a few blocks from the 55 Fwy.  Besides hosting and colocation, OCiX also provides a host of other services including VOIP hosting, SIP trunking and online backup and disaster recovery.  They also host the Verizon wireless backbone which is a good indication that they are here to stay for the long run.  Overall, I was very impressed with their setup and from what I gather, they have a lot of unused capacity and are eager to have new clients.  I spoke with Robert McGee (Senior Business Continuity Consultant) and Michael Kaspar (Director of Regional Sales) and they said the cost of a full rack including bandwidth would run about $1,000/mo., which if true, would be very good pricing in my opinion, so I would say this would be a very attractive alternative to the big players here in Orange County, i.e. AT&T and Latisys, so give them a try.

Outside Orange County

CalPOP – This company is in LA on Wilshire Blvd. in a multi-story building along with several other hosts and datacenters.  Their prices are very competitive. E.g. a 1/2 rack costs $499/mo. and includes 15MB of bandwidth and no usage caps.  Phone:  (213) 627-1937

Innotech – This company is in or near Corona, but they don’t publish their location or details of facilities.  Phones:  925-218-2020, 951-340-2247

Other Resources

Data Center Map – This website gives you a graphical map of all the data centers that it knows about in a nice Google Map format.

Did we miss any? If so, drop us a line and we’ll add it to the list above.

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