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Cisco, EMC and VMware Form Alliance to Serve Data Centers

Cisco Systems, EMC, and VMware announced Tuesday a joint venture to sell a new integrated data center product called V-Bloc. It will combine EMC’s storage equipment, Cisco’s virtualized servers and networking equipment, and VMware’s virtualization technology for helping clients build cloud computing infrastructures.

The partnership, made up of virtualization software vendor VMware, storage management vendor EMC (which owns 85% of VMWare) and Cisco, the world’s leading computer networking company, is made up of a Virtual Computing Environment coalition to develop new products and Acadia, a joint venture for training customers and partners on how to install and use the products.

The announcement is considered by the industry as a direct challenge to HP and IBM and Dell as the leading providers of storage and computing platforms for server virtualization and secondarily to Microsoft as the published to Hyper-V virtualization platform.

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