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Vista More Secure than XP

MicrosoftAccording to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report, released today, Windows Vista (Service pack 1) is 61.9 percent less likely to be infected by malware than Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

The biennial report covers the first half of 2009 and most of the current Microsoft operating system, but not Windows 7.

The report states that the Conficker worm continued to be the most prevalent mlware for the fist half of 2009, infecting more than 5,000,000 PCs.  Conficker spreads either by exploiting vulnerable Microsoft Windows Servers, through infected USB or thumb drives or by brute-forcing weak passwords on PCs. (see Common Strategies for Securing your PC)

The data is collected from Windows Defender, the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT) and Security Essentials.

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Juniper Networks at NYSE

Juniper Networks () announced its listing at the NYSE by ringing the ceremonial bell at the stock exchange floor and holding a conference in which Juniper CEO Kevin Johnson announced a range of new products and system, including Junos Space, a new software integration program which present an open platform through which third parties can develop applications to run under the company’s flagship, Junos network operating system. Also unveiled was Junos Pulse, which is an integrated software client, and the Trio chipset, which powers a new family of Juniper MX 3D routers.

With that, Juniper unveiled its strategy for opening and licensing its JUNOS operating system to developers and partners. It also rolled out a new generation of processors, called Trio, designed to massively scale the edge of the service provider network. It also introduced new MX-series Ethernet edge routers with “3D” scaling of bandwidth, subscribers and services.

In addition, Juniper disclosed Project Falcon, an initiative to develop products for the mobile packet core and subscriber management of 4G networks, as well as “universal edge” applications integrating wireline and wireless networks.

Lastly, Juniper provided an update on its Stratus cloud computing project that included three steps to cloud-enable a data center: simplify the environment through a unified fabric managed as a single switch; sharing resources through virtual partitioning and VPLS; and securing the environment with security policies based on the new JUNOS Space platform and enhancements to Juniper’s SRX Services Gateway.

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Firefox disables Microsoft Plug-in

firefox_logoLess than a week after Microsoft’s record-size patch update, Firefox disabled one of the Microsoft’s updates due to security flaws.

the recent Microsoft patch, which included 13 patches addressing 34 separate vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system, included a patch for the .NET Framework as well as two plug-ins for the Firefox browser called “Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant” and “Windows Presentation Foundation”, which got installed silently if you had Automatic Updates turned on.  After discovering the vulnerability in this plug in, today Mozilla, with the knowledge and consent of Microsoft, disabled this plug-in from Firefox.  You might see this screen pop up the next time you open Firefox:



Notice that the plug in is still installed on your system.  If you want to completely remove it, go here for a removal tool.

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Microsoft releases largest patch update yet

MicrosoftToday, on “Patch Tuesday”, Microsoft release it’s largest set to date of patches for the Windows platforms.

There were 13 patches addressing 34 vulnerabilities including 2 zero-day flaws involving Server Message Block (SMB).

Those two technologies are addressed in MS09-054 (IE) and MS09-062 (GDI), which were two of the patches released Tuesday. The patches ran in number from MS09-050 to MS09-062.

Included in this update was also a re-release of patch MS08-069 to fix a vulnerability in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

The most critical of these 13 patches are those for IE and Windows Graphics Device.

Microsoft releases regular patch updates on the second Tuesday of the month, however emergency patches (out of bound releases) may be released at any time.

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Dell and offering CRM software package


Dell and San Francisco-based software leader are joining forces to offer cloud-based CRM package aimed at small to medium businesses (SMBs).

The subscription-based package starts at $9 per month per user and is a trimmed down version of’s award-winning CRM and groupware product. The Group edition has basic CRM and email integration with Outlook and Gmail for up to 5 users, while the Professional version adds reporting, analytics, forecasting and customizable dashboard for unlimited users. Continued…

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ATT Internet Outage in Irvine, Newport Beach

If you are an ATT business class DSL customer in Irvine or Newport Beach, you may have noticed that your connection has been down.  The problem apparently started at 1:00 PM on Tuesday 09/29/09 and still seems to be continuing.  Some of our  customers are without internet access for the second day today, while others are up.  A call to ATT’s support line (888-723-2624) confirmed that the problem is with thier switching equipment and as of today they don’t have an ETA for the completion of repairs.  We checked the ATT repair and network status page, but found nothing posted yet.

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Microsoft Antivirus released today


The long-awaited free Microsoft antivirus designed to protect Windows desktops and users from malware was released today.

Today, Microsoft announced the release of its malware protection software.  Labeled Microsoft Security Essentials, it is designed for the Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, Windows 7).  Code named Morro and rumored to be in beta testing for months, Microsoft Security Essentials can be downloaded for free here. Continued…

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