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Data Recovery

Unlimited Support CallsWhen you have a server crash or workstation that won't boot up, your first priority is to recover the files and databases on the hard drives. In the case of a server, typically you will have a RAID array consisting of multiple disk drives connected to a backplane or a RAID controller and more often than not at least one database, e.g. your email store, a SQL dtanase or the Active Driectory catalog.

Before you begin your data recovery effors, you should first try to boot into Safe Mode or in the case of a server, Active Directory Recovery mode.

Assuming that is not successful, as a frist step we can try to boot the crashed server or workstation into the installed OS using some utilities we have. If successful, this would be the ideal solution since it will involve the least amoutn of time and cost and if we aer able to log in, we can extract the file and replicate the databases hosted on that machine.

If that fails, our next step is to try to boot the machine into a utility OS, such as bootable Windows PE (bootable CD). This will boot the machine into a minimal version of Windows with a full graphical interfact and the ability to copy and paste files and folders from any disk partition with an NTFS or FAT32 partition, as long as the file allocation tables are intact. An alternative to this method is to try to boot into a utility character mode OS such asn NTFS DOS or NTFS4DOS or Norton System Recovery disk (part of Nnorton Ghost) which will allow perform file recovery although you won't have access to a graphical screen and long file names (8+) may not show up properly. In either case, you will not be able to launch Windows services or mount any databases, however what you can do is that if you know which files are corrupt or missing (e.g. Windows registry "hive" files), you can try to copy the backup versions of the correct locatoin and try to boot normally again. At a minimum, you should be able to recover user files and folders.

If the first two steps don't work, then your problems are like to involve more than just corrupt files. For example your RAID controller card might be defective or your RAID array migh have been lost. If the disk(s) themselves are in good condition, we could alway try installing them in a different machine and retry the process.

The steps covered so far are all non-intrusive and at this point perhaps 90% of server or workstation crashes will be salvagable. However, sometimes the crash involves multiple problems including corrupt disk(s), defective hardware or physically damaged disks. In those cases, we work with one of our partners who specialize in active data recovery. In these cases the disk drive may need to be opened and the platters placed in a speciali drive in order to read and recover the data. In these cases any data that is recovered is burned to a CD/DVD and sent back to you for transfer to another server or PC.


We have worked with numerous small businesses in Orange County who have had a crashed server, PC or laptop and have recovered files, databases and operating systesms. If you need to recover from a hardware or operating system crash, even on a weekend or after hours,. give us a call at (949) 892-5252. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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